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Hi, we’re LibreTactile!

We connect researchers, developers, users, and enthusiasts of tactile technology from different fields for the equitable research, development, distribution and support of open-source tactile technologies for human-computer interaction.

A little about our story

As part of my PhD research, I'm developing assistive technology to aid visually impaired individuals in navigating the internet. The team noticed that the market lacked a simple, affordable, and open-source tactile interface with a strong support community. Therefore, we collaborated in designing our own tactile human-computer interface and made the decision to open-source it. Our aim is to assist more people in creating tactile interfaces for various fields such as assistive technology, gaming, XR, VR, neuro-rehabilitation, and consumer electronics. To facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration in the research, development, and distribution of our technology and its derivatives, we are establishing a community platform called Libretactile.

The team

Juan Nino PhD candidate - PhD student at Laval University in Quebec

Jocelyne Kiss PhD - Associate Professor of Arts and Technologies

Frédérique Poncet ERG PhD - Institutional Researcher, Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre (LLMRC)

Walter Wittich PhD FAAO CLVT - Associate Professor, School of Optometry

Geoffreyjen Edwards PhD- Professeur titulaire Faculté de foresterie, géographie et géomatique, Département des sciences géomatiques / Université Laval

Ernesto Morales PhD - Associate professor, Faculté de Médecine, Département de réadaptation / Université Laval

Cher Tieng Ting, Research assistant: MSc student in Vision Science - Low Vision Concentration - Universite de Montreal Canada

Romain Picot, Research assistant: MSc student at Créteil university, OT - France