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Our projects

Tomat Navigator Logo
Tomat Navigator

“Touch Matrix Assistive Technology Navigator” (tomat navigator) is an affordable, open-source assistive technology that uses AI and tactile technologies to make it easier and more natural for visually impaired users to navigate the internet. It works as a companion device for screen readers, providing an interactive non-visual representation of a webpage through audio-tactile feedback. It was codesigned with and for visually impaired screen reader users.

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wearable sensations logo
Wearable Sensations

"Wearable Sensations" is a haptic wearable interface based on the "Tomat Navigator." The wearable device lets you reposition the touch points to create custom sensory experiences for mobile and desktop platforms. The project is currently in its early stages of development with a specific focus on rehabilitation technology. We plan to make the design available for everyone to use and improve by making it open source.

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Our design principles

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